Built to Meet Your Needs

The aim of My.Research is to provide a hub for all your research programme activities.

The platform has tools to maximise response rates, enable any level of user to analyse results and undertake trend analysis.

Proactive tools within My.Research help manage feedback and respond to issues raised during the research of customers, stakeholders, suppliers and contractors.

Optional modules for case management, CRM integration, results streaming, sample management and supplier access.

Solution as a Service

We’ll provide full implementation and ongoing support services to you and ensure the data collected for your research programme, either by you or our fieldwork teams, can be used to meet your organisation’s objectives.

Little Data In

We’ll set up My.Research automatic data transfers to receive data and prepare it for research including:

Asking the Right Questions

We’ll build a fully bepsoke questionnaire to enables the platform to incorporate any type of question:

Full Service Feedback

Whether we collect the data or you provide files, all questionnaire-based data collection methods are incorporate into the platform:

Mobile is Staying and Growing

The platform is fully optimised for data collection on mobile devices:

Big Information Out

We’ll The platform has an engaging and easy to use set of reporting tools:

Enhancing Service and Reputation

A comprehensive and customisable email alert system generates immediate intelligence