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How we can help

We provide our customers with insights to support their plans to respond to opportunities and threats.

By working with Voluntas, our customers are better placed to:

The impact we can have

In the midst of consolidation, Knightstone Housing Association asked Voluntas to complete a major piece of research to support their strategic review of their older persons services and property provision. After the strategic research was completed, Darrell Jackson, Strategic Business Manager at Knightstone, commented

The project had a tight deadline and we found Voluntas added value to the whole process. Their prompt responses, constructive advice, and excellent project planning meant that everything was managed through on time and in budget.

Knightstone Housing Logio



Knightstone’s Futures team has taken the research forward to inform their service offer and strategic direction.

What we can do for you

Working closely with your leaders and project team, we’ll quickly immerse ourselves in your environment to ensure we isolate the drivers for your research.

Your Aim We will produce Enabling you to
Identify opportunities and threats Independent reporting. Welcome the highest levels of scrutiny into your services.
Ensure all data is available for decision making. Full service data collection. Provide leadership to improve customer satisfaction.
Bring impetus to the organisation’s customer satisfaction plans. Action planning events. Refocus efforts on what matters to customers.
Make decisions based on the right feedback. Question sets. Identify key drivers of satisfaction and customer advocacy.
Have an organisational approach to acting on customer feedback. A customer feedback strategy. Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction by co-ordinating the organisation’s efforts.
Obtain representative views from customers. Data audit and sampling guidance. Be more confident in decision making as your data is accurate and comprehensive.
Match customer preferences with data collection methods. Research methods plan. Improve value for money whilst obtaining higher response rates from your customers.

Five strategic values

We bring five indispensable values to the leadership teams we work with:

  1. Tailored approach
  2. Risk awareness
  3. Impartial insights
  4. Expert-led process
  5.  Return of investment

With these in mind, our expert team will help you focus on getting the right decision as the alternative can lead to organisation failure, reputational damage or asset loss.