Merger support

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Undergoing a merger?  Count on Voluntas to help.  We have over 50 years of housing sector experience.

Customer Insight Audit

Voluntas will conduct a customer insight audit, gathering together all the mechanisms currently used for recording and reporting data and insight across the two organisations.

What you will achieve:

Best practice. Optimise your insight methods and mechanisms by drawing on the best of both organisations.

Deep understanding.  Learn about your combined organisational capabilities from a trusted, independent housing research expert.

Proven value for money. Rationalising your data and analysis activities with expert guidance ensures the highest quality insight and cashable savings.

What we will do:

Transform your insight

Voluntas will facilitate discussions to help you shape the merged organisations’ approach to customer insight.

What you will achieve:

Collaboration with confidence.  Your new organisation will need to come together and deliver results quickly; our facilitation provides a trusting environment where your vision for the future is realised.

Evidence-based outcomes. Our facilitators will provide the data and evidence you need to validate your collective vision for customer insight – formatted to justify resource savings and support investments in new technology.

Innovation in insight.  Be inspired by your colleagues and best practice from across the sector to bring your new organisations unique purpose to life.

What we will do:

Critical Friend

Voluntas will act as a critical friend during the development of the merged organisations’ customer insight approach.

What you will achieve:

Insight your way. No one knows your tenants better than you.  Ensure your organisations unique communication style comes through in your survey delivery, while ensuring confident, robust, defendable results with Voluntas guidance.

Learning from experts.  Our consultants are experienced in housing and social research, and we will share best practice and the latest thinking with your new organisation at regular meetings.

A robust approach.  Acting as a critical friend sometimes calls for challenging how and why things are done. Bulletproof your approach with regular advice and support from the recognised leaders in the housing research.

What we will do:

Training and Development

Voluntas will provide training to new or existing members of staff who use customer insight, to create an equal knowledge base across the new teams.

What you will achieve:

Equal footing. Training and development for teams to understand the language and science of data analysis and insight.

Educated teams. A period of change provides provide an opportunity to educate about confidence, sample size, representation, and methodology.

Forward progress. A collaborative, developed team is capable of innovating, leading and influencing positive change in the new organisation.

What we will do:

Your future methodology

Voluntas will provide technical advice on representative sampling and engagement

What you will achieve:

Bulletproof Insight.  Depend on the experts at Voluntas to provide leading-edge technical advice that will stand up to scrutiny.

Practical knowledge: Day in and day out, you will depend on your sampling and methodology to deliver the data you need without fail.

Systems expertise: Gain an understanding of the theories behind the methods and mechanisms to improve the expertise of your entire team.

What we will do:

Your future reporting

Voluntas will provide an audit of current satisfaction reporting, including methodology and frequency.  We can also work with you to bring about changes in reporting to reflect and support your new organisation’s vision and values.

What you will achieve:

Alignment. Your reporting will be explicitly linked to and support your new organisations activities, KPI’s and strategy.

Actionable Insight.  Reporting feedback that is clear, honest and quantifiable – and a qualitative response that brings about focused service improvement.

Authentic Storytelling. Voluntas experts will show you how tell the story of the customer’s journey in a meaningful way that truly delivers the voice of the customer.

What we will do:


Communicating with stakeholders

Voluntas will facilitate workshops with key stakeholders to discuss customer feedback and help identify specific actionable improvements to service.

What you will achieve:

Buy-in.  Professional, robust data and insight with the expertise and capability to tell the story of your customer journey gives your stakeholders’ confidence in your messages.

Ownership: High quality, actionable communications allow stakeholders to own the research results and implement service improvements.

Real representation of your customers.  Become an authentic revealer of insight and a customer’s storyteller. Voluntas helps you represent the customer and different stakeholders throughout the merger process and beyond.

What we will do: