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Using Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing or CATI, is a widely used methodology and forms part of many market research projects and our telephone survey team has extensive experience of conducting telephone surveys across a number of sectors.

The low comparative cost and relatively high response rate ensures that telephone interviewing is an efficient and cost effective method.


The methodology is particularly useful when trying to quickly and efficiently reach large target audiences. We use our in-house online survey software with My.Research to manage your campaigns and Responses are instantaneously available for you to review and analyse.

Postal surveys

Self-completed postal surveys are a cost effective means of getting research data from a relatively large number of people.

Typically response rates are lower than other forms of data collection, the self-completion method provides the respondent with time to reflect on the questions before answering them.

Focus groups

We have used focus groups to capture opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a service and ideas.

We’ll normally aim to recruit between 8-10 people in order to create a meaningful discussion. The Groups are guided by our team who will use a topic guide to regulate discussions to ensure it meets the research objectives agreed with you.

Our expert researchers are trained moderators and are experienced in utilising specialised qualitative techniques. We advise our customers to consider using incentives for participation and suggest a group runs for around one to two hours.

Face to Face

We are able to provide a number of face to face research techniques, including:

All projects are supervised by a trained market researcher ensuring best practice and quality standards are met.