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How we can help

We provide our customers with insights to tailor services, improvements and intervention.

Our customers tell us that our work enables them to:

The impact we can have

We worked closely with Housing Plus in South Staffordshire to shift their delivery model. Adrian Eggington, Assistant Director said:

Voluntas worked with us to create and implement our neighbourhood strategy and customer insight was a big part of that. We’re now able to better identify priority estates, engage with tenants who had previously been hard to engage, and understand the different needs of our tenants

Housing Plus

What we can deliver for you

We focus on the areas that matter to you and find the intelligence that helps you make the right decision:

Your Aim We’ll Produce Enabling You To
Tailor services for customers Channel shift plan Meet customer preferences and maximise resources.
Understand the strength of your service proposition Customer experience assessment Value what you currently delivered.
Reduce costs Customer score card Identify and change costly customer segments.
Tackle risks or identify opportunities Behavioural segmentation Respond to changes in customer interactions.
Improve income performance Customer and income analysis Reduce bad debt levels and support customers to pay.