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We deliver research and business intelligence as a service. What ever you need from us, our services will always concentrate on your destination as well as how you want to get there. Check how our services answer your questions:-

Expert support +

Voluntas will advise you on how to make best use of the insights you have gained to deliver real value throughout your whole business. From tenant satisfaction through to staff motivation and policy development, the insights you will gain are a powerful way to build relationships throughout your business and your reputation in the wider community.


We can offer training in Market Research analysis for your team to build value out of the data you are collecting either through Voluntas or through in-house surveys.


We provide constructive advice to ensure your in house data collection is both valid and reliable. We can assist in question design, sample selection and statistical analysis.

Ad hoc Market Research

Using the appropriate channel for your target respondents Voluntas can undertake analysis and reporting both of unique surveys and of your existing insights within the Voluntas platform.

Voluntas can also offer presentation of reports if required giving you the opportunity to further question your survey outcomes.


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Data collection +

How can we help


Using Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing or CATI, is a widely used methodology and forms part of many market research projects and our telephone survey team has extensive experience of conducting telephone surveys across a number of sectors.

The low comparative cost and relatively high response rate ensures that telephone interviewing is an efficient and cost effective method.


The methodology is particularly useful when trying to quickly and efficiently reach large target audiences. We use our in-house online survey software with My.Research to manage your campaigns and Responses are instantaneously available for you to review and analyse.

Postal surveys

Self-completed postal surveys are a cost effective means of getting research data from a relatively large number of people.

Typically response rates are lower than other forms of data collection, the self-completion method provides the respondent with time to reflect on the questions before answering them.

Focus groups

We have used focus groups to capture opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a service and ideas.

We’ll normally aim to recruit between 8-10 people in order to create a meaningful discussion. The Groups are guided by our team who will use a topic guide to regulate discussions to ensure it meets the research objectives agreed with you.

Our expert researchers are trained moderators and are experienced in utilising specialised qualitative techniques. We advise our customers to consider using incentives for participation and suggest a group runs for around one to two hours.

Face to Face

We are able to provide a number of face to face research techniques, including:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Door to door interviewing
  • Exit surveys
  • Recruitment

All projects are supervised by a trained market researcher ensuring best practice and quality standards are met.

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Customer insight +

How we can help

We provide our customers with insights to tailor services, improvements and intervention.

Our customers tell us that our work enables them to:

  • Respond to customers based on their characteristics and behaviour
  • Learn from measuring the impact of their work with customers
  • Improve value for money by achieving more with existing data
  • Move customers to service channels which are more effective
  • Achieve their organisation aspirations for customer insight
  • Innovate for future customer needs and preferences
  • Respond to cost drivers in service delivery

The impact we can have

We worked closely with Housing Plus in South Staffordshire to shift their delivery model. Adrian Eggington, Assistant Director said:

Voluntas worked with us to create and implement our neighbourhood strategy and customer insight was a big part of that. We’re now able to better identify priority estates, engage with tenants who had previously been hard to engage, and understand the different needs of our tenants

Housing Plus

What we can deliver for you

We focus on the areas that matter to you and find the intelligence that helps you make the right decision:

Your Aim We’ll Produce Enabling You To
Tailor services for customers Channel shift plan Meet customer preferences and maximise resources.
Understand the strength of your service proposition Customer experience assessment Value what you currently delivered.
Reduce costs Customer score card Identify and change costly customer segments.
Tackle risks or identify opportunities Behavioural segmentation Respond to changes in customer interactions.
Improve income performance Customer and income analysis Reduce bad debt levels and support customers to pay.


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Strategic research +

How we can help

We provide our customers with insights to support their plans to respond to opportunities and threats.

By working with Voluntas, our customers are better placed to:

  • Assess their competitive position and gaps relative to their markets
  • Enhance services and products  for current and future customers
  • Assist their customers in achieving their aspirations
  • Identify and make acquisitions and investments
  • Track competitors movements and decisions
  • Tackle changing market conditions
  • Understand stakeholder needs

The impact we can have

In the midst of consolidation, Knightstone Housing Association asked Voluntas to complete a major piece of research to support their strategic review of their older persons services and property provision. After the strategic research was completed, Darrell Jackson, Strategic Business Manager at Knightstone, commented

The project had a tight deadline and we found Voluntas added value to the whole process. Their prompt responses, constructive advice, and excellent project planning meant that everything was managed through on time and in budget.

Knightstone Housing Logio



Knightstone’s Futures team has taken the research forward to inform their service offer and strategic direction.

What we can do for you

Working closely with your leaders and project team, we’ll quickly immerse ourselves in your environment to ensure we isolate the drivers for your research.

Your Aim We will produce Enabling you to
Identify opportunities and threats Independent reporting. Welcome the highest levels of scrutiny into your services.
Ensure all data is available for decision making. Full service data collection. Provide leadership to improve customer satisfaction.
Bring impetus to the organisation’s customer satisfaction plans. Action planning events. Refocus efforts on what matters to customers.
Make decisions based on the right feedback. Question sets. Identify key drivers of satisfaction and customer advocacy.
Have an organisational approach to acting on customer feedback. A customer feedback strategy. Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction by co-ordinating the organisation’s efforts.
Obtain representative views from customers. Data audit and sampling guidance. Be more confident in decision making as your data is accurate and comprehensive.
Match customer preferences with data collection methods. Research methods plan. Improve value for money whilst obtaining higher response rates from your customers.

Five strategic values

We bring five indispensable values to the leadership teams we work with:

  1. Tailored approach
  2. Risk awareness
  3. Impartial insights
  4. Expert-led process
  5.  Return of investment

With these in mind, our expert team will help you focus on getting the right decision as the alternative can lead to organisation failure, reputational damage or asset loss.


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Employee engagement +

How we can help

We provide our customers with insights to maximise every employees’ contribution to organisational and individual success.

Our customers tell us our work for them enables:

  • Tailor HR policies and plans for current and future employees
  • Generate more resilient ideas and organisational strategies
  • Develop employees’ sense of ownership and responsibility
  • Encourage movement within the organisation
  • Identify specific knowledge and role gaps
  • Improve organisational culture
  • Increase loyalty and retention

The impact we can have

During Spring 2013, Jephson Housing Association who have merged with Raglan Housing Association to form Stonewater challenged us to get more insight out of their in-house employee research. Sue Shirt (nee Rowley), Corporate Director said:

Voluntas’s research has provided us with clarity about where to focus our resources to further improve employee engagement, validate our existing plans and demonstrate transparency to our Board, managers and staff.

Stonewater Logo




Our approach to employee research is summed up in three words; Mission focused; Bespoke; and Evidenced based. We’ll:

  • Understand your current approach to employee involvement and organisational development
  • Work with leaders, managers and staff to develop engage surveys and methods
  • Develop a research plan to dovetail with your organisational development plans
  • Collect employee feedback via online, telephone, 121 or group sessions
  • Analyse and report in-depth the feedback collected from employees
  • Co-create practical action plans to take recommendations forward
  • Mentor your organisation during the implementation process

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Nurturing customers +

Customer feedback is a powerful driving force in how successful a business can be its approach to nurturing customers and meeting their needs. Happy customers can result in increased sales, positive word-of-mouth advertising and rapid growth. A negative customer experience can result in the opposite and be very damaging. Customer satisfaction doesn’t need to be difficult to achieve.

With expert research and advice, achieving an outstanding level of customer satisfaction couldn’t be easier. Voluntas take out the hard work so all you have to concentrate on is the day-to-day running of your business. Once you’re armed with the correct feedback, you’ll be able to make informed decisions based in key drivers in customer satisfaction.

We’ll also enable you to:

  • Discover inconsistencies between service standards and customer expectations
  • Optimise processes based on representative customer feedback
  • Reduce the risk of costly and damaging complaints
  • Produce new ideas for developing or new services
  • Celebrate service successes and grow your brand
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