What Makes Voluntas Different

We’re in the business of helping our social housing clients make a difference through tenant feedback – to receive testimonials for efforts is a wonderful recognition.

Voluntas worked with us to create and implement our neighbourhood strategy and customer insight was a big part of that. We’re now able to better identify priority estates, engage with tenants who had previously been hard to engage, and understand the different needs of our tenants

Testimonial from Adrian Eggington
South Staffordshire Housing Association

This was no “off the shelf” solution, Voluntas really listened to our staff and tenants, analysed and understood our needs and helped to see the real potential of customer segmentation. They very quickly turned this into a customer insight strategy that has helped us on our way to really understanding our tenants and shaping our services around them

Testimonial from Mark Beard
Knightstone Housing Association

Voluntas comes highly recommended. It’s fast, accurate, saves us a lot of time and has given us a level of insight into our customers that we have never had before. Voluntas have even created a special ‘local offers’ package for us to explore what matters most to our customers, meet regulatory requirements, and  help us to understand customers’ priorities better so that we can improve services accordingly

Testimonial from Gemma Mundy
Worcester Community Housing

What I liked about working with Voluntas is their eagerness to work with us.  The workshops helped both organisations to work together and understand our requirements and the system provides up-to-date feedback and easy access to drill down to the comments and feedback provided by our customers.

Testimonial from Mark Attfield

I feel confident that we now have a complete set of tools to help us deliver excellent services to our residents

Testimonial from Steve Collins
Liverpool Mutual Homes