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Granularity, Skewing, Beauties and Beasts: why your ratings scale matters

7 April 2017 / Posted by

This week, Netflix announced a Yes/No rating scale instead of a 5-point rating.  Why does a ratings scale matter? We asked Voluntas Head of Research ... Continue Reading

South Wales housing organisations team up to focus on customer insight

6 April 2017 / Posted by

Housing Associations in South Wales met to improve housing services through understanding customer data United Welsh and Voluntas co-hosted a customer... Continue Reading

United Welsh teams up with Voluntas

21 March 2017 / Posted by

Customer service event focuses on tenant satisfaction in South Wales and beyond United Welsh is happy to host Voluntas MRS, experts in social housing ... Continue Reading

Voluntas and Aldwyck Housing Group Announce New Multi-Year Project

6 March 2017 / Posted by

Voluntas and Aldwyck Housing Group Announce New Multi-Year Project Voluntas is providing research and support to Aldwyck Housing Group Customer Servi... Continue Reading