Our story

The start

Tyrone - VoluntasVoluntas was started by two people who wanted to answer a problem, the problem that research and software didn’t always work together effectively. In doing so, we took away the problem of creating and organising data collection with static reporting and analysis and brought back real-time business intelligence and continuous research. This changed things for our clients who were use to research that added very little to what they were trying to start, change or stop. By shaking things up, we offered and delivered a genuinely useful alternative approach to research and analytics which our clients tell us they greatly value.

The middle

Dylan - VoluntasWe have brought in talented people and partners to tackle our clients’ business intelligence opportunities or problems. These challenges span from helping to understand and improve what a client’s customers say about them, optimising every employee’s contribution or making strategic decisions.

Our software has developed in two fundamental ways. Firstly, it enables organisations to manage individual cases of research. Secondly, the software covers all forms of data collection including social media and mobile whilst enabling client data to be stored and analysed alongside our independent research.

The Future?

Someone once said:

…That the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Katie - Voluntas



We don’t know if we’re that talented but we’ll have a good go.

Our Core Values

Inspiring clarity. It isn’t enough to find the answer to a question, we bring energy to ensure the results lead to action.

  • Quality

    We continually focus on and improve the quality of the business intelligence we provide.

  • Speed

    We make sure we understand our clients urgency and deliver business intelligence accordingly.

  • Reliability

    We understand that our work is part of a bigger picture and that we need to deliver to fit your timescales.

  • Flexiblity

    Change is constant so our work needs to accommodate your requirements.